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This pleated midi wrap-skirt comes in a classic plaid print that melts into swirls of blue, white, and black towards the hem. Each skirt contains almost 4 yards of fabric, meticulously hand pleated and stitched down. We make them right here in the US in a gorgeous cotton/viscose mix that makes the skirt move beautifully. It has a crisp black scarf hem. Limited supply.

Materials: Printed cotton/viscose, printed in Italy. Black cotton bias tape.

Once ordered, we will email you and adjust the waist measurement to your exact size.

Lina Michal is a Swedish fashion designer. After developing her design aesthetic in Florence, Stockholm and London the brand is now based New York.

We make dreamy high-end womenswear. It’s equal parts luxury and experimental exploration.

Says the designer: "I never want to stagnate, or allow myself a cemented view on what I do and who I am. I think it is important to evolve, that way you are forever young."